Hester, LA, USA


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Our Story

Where it all began

I've always had an interest in beekeeping, but just never took the initiative to pursue that interest.  That all changed in December of 2015.  As I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a pretty interesting video about beekeeping.  It claimed that a new invention may revolutionize the beekeeping world - no more pulling honey super frames, extruding the honey from the frames, filtering the honey, and lastly, no more clean up.  Pure, clean honey could now be drained from the hive with a twist of a key.  This sounded almost too good to be true, but it was the one thing that finally nudged me over the top to move from an interest in beekeeping to a practicing beekeeper.  What invention was it, you might ask?  It's called the Flow Hive.  

Although a fairly large investment for someone who really didn't know much about beekeeping, initial indications are that it works as well as advertised.  However, any experienced beekeeper will warn you about the dangers of not opening up and thoroughly inspecting a hive for pests and disease on a regular basis.  The Flow Hive appears to be a great invention, but responsible beekeepers should still take the time and efforts to inspect the hive as often as one would inspect a standard box hive.  

Advancing to the present time, I now own two Flow Hives and numerous standard Langstroth hives.  I started this journey by purchasing one nucleus hive (a small, 5 frame starter colony).  Through the growth of that hive, as well as swarm captures and wild hive removals, I guess you could say that I am now officially a beekeeper and loving every minute of it.  What started out as an interest has turned into an obsession.